Parking your bike

At home

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, here are some ideas for parking your bike securely in an appropriate place.


Is a lock enough to protect my bike? What type should I choose? Here are some good tips for keeping your bike safe.

Keep my bike safe

A covered spot

Brussels is full of bike parking facilities. Easy, secure and just around the corner, they are the ideal solution for parking near your house.

Find a parking facility

On the way

Large parking facilities

In the centre of Brussels there are two large parking facilities for cyclists. They are very easy to access and offer the perfect solution for commuters and people working in the city centre.

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Park & Ride

Do you use several modes of transport to travel around Brussels? There are a number of Park & Rides (P+Rs) – where you can park your bike close to a metro station or a bus or tram stop.

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Train stations

The four main train stations in Brussels all have bike parking facilities. They are a simple, practical and secure solution for parking your bike in an enclosed area when you are going to the capital by train.

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Park & Bike

Discover the infrastructures.

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It’s a good habit, so let’s stick to it #KeepCycling

The lockdown has left its mark on Brussels, a lot of people have stopped using their cars and started cycling instead. It’s a good habit, so why not stick to it? Below you’ll find all the information you need to help you get (back) in the saddle, so Brussels remains a more cycle-friendly city.

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