Buying a bike

Bike shops

You want to buy a bike and need advice from an expert? See all the bike shops on the map below.

Second-hand bikes

Vintage and second-hand bikes are very popular at the moment. A number of specialists can help you find the used bike of your dreams.

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Test-ride a bike

Are you thinking of getting (back) in the saddle, but want to give it a try first?  Then use Pro Velo's bike rental service to test different types of bikes.

Test a bike


Replace your car: The Brussel’air premium

Fed up with driving? Give up your car and receive a premium to buy a bike and have some cycling lessons.

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Get a step-by-step guide to obtain the Bruxell'Air premium.


Some Brussels communes also offer communal premiums linked to cycling.

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It’s a good habit, so let’s stick to it #KeepCycling

The lockdown has left its mark on Brussels, a lot of people have stopped using their cars and started cycling instead. It’s a good habit, so why not stick to it? Below you’ll find all the information you need to help you get (back) in the saddle, so Brussels remains a more cycle-friendly city.

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